Top 5 Tips To Save Money Booking Las Vegas Hotels

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Saving Money Tips and Discounts For Las Vegas Hotels

Finding a cheap Las Vegas hotel is not as hard as it sounds. Casino hotels want your business and know that staying at their hotel is probably going to make you gamble there also. But finding the cheapest Las Vegas hotel is not always the smartest move because it may be miles from the Las Vegas Strip (Where all the attractions are) and will cost you plenty of time and cash to get to where you want to be.  That is not the idea behind a cheap Las Vegas vacation. You want to enjoy all the attractions the Las Vegas has to offer but not stay at a fraction of the cost that most people spend. Below are our top 5 tips for saving money on your next Las Vegas vacation.

  1. Las Vegas hotels are cheapest during mid-week, the cheapest being Tuesday. Finding a date that there are no major conventions will also bring the price of the hotel room way down. Weekends are usually more pricy, but it may offset as weekend flights tend to be cheaper than weekday flight. Do a cost analysis of hotel and airfare and make a decision. I will tell you that weekends are usually a lot more exciting then weekdays in Vegas.
  2. Compare rates at different hotels and check for current Las Vegas promo codes.  Almost all Las Vegas hotels often a wide variety of promo codes that can save you up to 50% on your hotel stay. The key to a cheap Las Vegas vacation is information and and research.
  3. Make sure you check for “resort fees” when booking your discount Las Vegas hotel. Many hotels add between $3-20 a night for resort fees. Caesars Properties in Las Vegas are one of the companies that does not charge resort fees.
  4. Booking through the hotels directly is usually a wise choice. Most Las Vegas hotels offer lowest rate guarantees so if you find a cheaper rate somewhere they will refund you the difference.
  5. Location is important. In Las Vegas you need to have access to everything and the ability to walk from casino to casino. Hotels you should consider in the center of the Las Vegas strip and consistently have promo codes which make them a great bargain are:
  • Harrah’s Promo Codes
  • Imperial Palace Promo Codes
  • Flamingo Promo Code
  • Bally’s Promo Codes