“Fire Bet” – Everything You Need To Know About This Craps Bet In Las Vegas and Beyond

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The “Fire Bet” in Las Vegas Craps, a hidden gem of gambling. Call me a sucker, but I always play the fire bet when rolling dice at Las Vegas casinos.  A chance to win 1000 to 1, makes this an exciting bet when you have a “hot” dice roller. Call me what you want, but here is where I rolled all 6 numbers earlier this year at RIO Las Vegas and won $5000 on a $5 bet on the fire bet! This particular fire bet rolled payed out $17,000 to individuals across playing the fire bet.

Craps Fire Bet

Here’s where rolled all 6 numbers earlier this year and won $5000 on a $5 Bet!


Here is how the ” fire bet “works:

  • Whenever it is time for the next person to roll,  place between $1 and $10 on the “Fire Bet” spot in front of you at the craps table. Note: The maximum bet allowed for the Fire Bet is $10.
  • The shooter must make at least four (4) individual points for you to win. There are six points on a table, the 4,5,6,8.9 and 10. A point is when the shooter rolls any number between 4 and 10 (except 7) and then rolls that number again before crapping out (rolling a 7).
  • There is no impact on the “come out” roll for the fire bet if the shooter rolls a 7,2,,3 or 12.
  • In order for the points to count, the shooter must roll at least four individual points. For example, if the shooter rolls an 8 it counts as one point. If the shooter rolls an 8 again and makes the “8 point” a second time, it only counts as one point. But if the shooter then rolls a 6 and makes the “6 point”, it counts as a second point made towards the fire bet.
  • If the shooter hits four individual points (for example hits the 4,5,6, and 8), you will win 25:1 on your fire bet ($10 bet makes you $250). If the shooter hits five individual points (For example 4,5,6,8,9) you win 250:1 on your fire bet ($10 makes you $2500). And if the shooter makes all six points you win 1000:1 ($10 makes you $10,000 on your fire bet).


The house advantage for this bet ranges from 21-25%, so most people consider this a sucker bet. But I have won 250:1 on several trips to Las Vegas when playing the fire bet on craps and rolled all 6 numbers myself. On a side note, it is always nice to put $1 on the fire debt for your craps dealers. It gets them excited and keeps the game moving because they have a vested interest in winning the fire bet when they have a bet on the line also.

Las Vegas Casinos Who Have The Craps “Fire Bet”

  1. Harrah’s Las Vegas
  2. The Quad Las Vegas
  3. Caesars Palace Las Vegas
  4. Paris Las Vegas
  5. Flamingo Las Vegas
  6. RIO All Suites Las Vegas
  7. Bally’s Las Vegas
  8. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
  9. O’sheas Las Vegas

Good luck and have fun!

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