Extreme Las Vegas Activities

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Las Vegas is known for extreme, and the available Las Vegas attractions and activities are no different. If you are looking to live on the edge in Las Vegas your next vacation we have some suggestions.

Head over to Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium and swim with the sharks. There are no cages – just you; 1.3 million gallons of underwater real estate; and more than 30 sharks, including sand tiger, sandbar and white-tip reef sharks.  If your not ready to “actually swim with the fishes”, you can always just enjoy the beauty of the sea by walking through the 360-degree acrylic tunnel to view the sharks and wonders of the sea.

If you aren’t afraid of heights, head over to Stratosphere for four of the most extreme thrill rides Las Vegas has to offer; The Sky Jump, the Big Shot, the X Scream, and Insanity. Take your choice and bungee jump 108 floors from the top of the Stratosphere, spin in the open air at 900 feet above the ground at speeds of up to three ‘G’s, ride a giant teeter-totter, or be shot up over 1000 feet above the ground at 45 miles per hour. If you really have guts you can try all four extreme thrill rides.

If the above two extreme Las Vegas activities are too extreme for you, try taking a 30 minute trip out of Las Vegas and head to the desert to do some extreme zip lining. Flighlinez offers over 8000 feet of zip line taking you 60mph across the Nevada desert.

If you ever wanted to be a race car driver, I suggest you head over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and accept the opportunity to drive laps around the racetrack in a professional race car.  There is no better way to complete your trip to Las Vegas than to challenge your friends and family at the Las Vegas Speedway at speeds of up to 155 MPH. Check out all the cars you can experience here.